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We’re a Proud Affiliate of Disaster Kleenup® International

Since 2001, R. S. Restoration, DKI has been a member of a national association of restoration contractors known as Disaster Kleenup International. By becoming a member of this group, we can take advantage of training seminars, resources and even physical assistance.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

The DKI Canada Contents Solution is the most effective way to clean and restore contents damaged from fire and water. This process consists of The Esporta Wash System™ for all soft contents and the Fireline Ultrasonics System™ for hard goods. These unique systems reduce costs to insurance companies, reduce environmental impact and reduce stress for policyholders.

Don't Replace; Restore!

This process can reduce the number of contents that need replacement on a claim by restoring contents to pre-loss condition up to 80% of the time. Most contents claims can be handled within a short time frame, enabling policyholders to return to their normal routines more quickly. Visit Restore, Don’t Replace to learn more.

Cost Savings

  • Restoration costs significantly less than replacement
  • Save up to 80% on contents replacement
  • Greater portion of the claim can be recovered
  • Shorter claim cycle
  • Time saver for claims adjusters
  • Improved policyholder retention

Policyholder Satisfaction

  • Removes the burden of having to replace damaged items
  • Less likely to exceed policy maximum
  • Organized process helps manage client expectations
  • Restores cherished sentimental items
  • Faster return to everyday life

Environmental Sustainability

  • Less material goes to landfills
  • Reduced leachate created
  • Reduced hydrocarbon use
  • Environmentally friendly products

Round-the-Clock Service

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