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Try Our DRYAIR System for Wet Basements, Flooding, Bedbugs, Etc.

The DRYAIR Controlled Heat Drying System consists of a trailer-mounted 600,000-BTU oil-fired furnace linked to portable satellite furnaces using glycol-filled, low-pressure circulating links.

The Controlled Heat Drying Process

The satellite furnaces are placed within the affected areas of the structure. The heated glycol is circulated throughout the system, greatly increasing the ambient air temperature. The heated air is now capable of holding much higher levels of moisture, effectively drawing the moisture out of all wet materials. Using air movers, R. S. Restoration, DKI vents the hot, moisture-laden air outside.

Dryair system

DRYAIR System Advantages

  • Greatly reduced strip-out and debris removal costs
  • Less impact on landfills
  • Faster and more efficient dry-down process
  • Significantly lower reconstruction costs
  • Less downtime and quicker re-occupation of affected areas
  • Totally self-contained heat delivery system and electrical power generation
Hoses for dryair system

DRYAIR Controlled Heat Drying is perfect for:

  • Fire- and water-damaged structures
  • Wet basements and crawlspaces
  • New construction
  • Temporary emergency heat and power generation
  • Bedbug infestations
Unloading dryair system

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